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Welcome to the VeloRefined Rule 5 Aerosmiths Cycling Team Page. Rule 5 Solutions is proud to support amateur competitive cycling and acts as one of the key sponsors of VeloRefined Aerosmiths. The VeloRefined-Rule 5 team is based in Kent and specialises in Time Trials in the UK and also competes internationally. Visit the Team's Facebook page which includes an extensive history of our results, latest news and race photos. Use #Rule5 and #VeloRefined when interacting with the team on social media channels. 

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Kevin Tye 10TT Aug 18
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 VeloRefined Riders & Palmares Highlights

Punching above its weight, the Team includes multiple British National Championship winners and its founder is a four times UCI Masters' World Champion. This section provides an overview of the Team's riders and their palmares highlights. For information and links to the Team's additional supporting partners, equipment, nutrition suppliers and associates: more

2019 UCI World Masters' Bronze (Poznan Poland)

2019 CTT National10TT Champion


2019 ToC UCI World Masters' TT Qualifier (UK)

2019 VTTA 25TT National Champion

2019 ...a3crg 10TT Hampshire

2019 Brighton Mitre Hilly 10TT


2018 UCI World Masters' Championships (Varese Italy)

2017 Duo Normand 2TTT

(with A Meilak - France)

2017 UCI World Masters' Champion (Albi France)

2015 World Masters' Champion (Austria)

2014 World Masters' Champion (Austria)

2019 KCA 100TT (1st overall & 1st Vet)

2019 KCA 50TT (2nd overall & 1st Vet)

2019 KCA 25TT (2nd overall & 1st Vet)

2019 Gravesend CC 20km TT (1st & 1st Vet)

2019 VTTA 50TT (3rd overall & 1st Vet)

2019 VTTA 30TT (1st vet & team with M Hill)

2018 CTT 25TT British Champion (Age Group)

2017 Duo Normand 2TTT (with K Tye - France)

2017 CTT 100TT British Champion (Age Group)

2019 KCA 10TT (1st overall & 2nd Vet)

2019 KCA 25TT (1st team with A Meilak & P Smith)

2019 VTTA 10TT (3rd Vet & 5th overall)

2019 Thanet RC 25TT (1st Vet & 5th overall)

2019 ToC UCI World Masters' Qualifier 9th

2019 De Laune CC 25TT (3rd vet & team with A Meilak & P Smith)

2019 Medway Velo 10TT (1st team with K Tye & P Smith)

2019 Wigmore CC 10TT (1st Team & 3rd Vet)

KCA 25TT (1st team with A Meilak & M Hill)

Medway Velo 10TT (1st team with K Tye & M Hill)

Wigmore CC 10TT (1st team with A Meilak & M Hill)


VeloRefined Nutrition & Technology

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The Team's success, is in part driven by our long standing associations with Tim Lawson for nutrition through Secret Training, and for technology through Simon Smart of Smart AeroTech and Drag2Zero. The Team also benefits from Simon's links with Endura who supply our custom TT suits and from 2019 our custom made training kit and TT helmets.

The Secret Training range of products is amongst the best available as used by the Tinkoff Team and presently by Mitchelton Scott to great effect! VeloRefined riders especially use the Stealth range of products to support their training, racing and active recovery.

Our association with Simon Smart has mainly developed through Kevin Tye's work with him to support aerodynamic gains in the wind-tunnel, especially for his highly successful World Champion title bids. Simon has unrivalled knowledge and experience as an aerodynamicist stemming from his F1 past and close involvement with the development of many of the top-end TT bikes, TT suits and equipment used today.


The latest weapon deployed by the team is the Endura Drag2Zero Aeroswitch TT helmet, which not only helps us go faster, but also ensures we have a clear view of the road ahead.

Click on the logos above to go straight to the Endura, Secret Training and Drag2Zero websites...Meanwhile, it is for us as a team to thank our nutrition and technical advisers for their friendship and on-going support #Rule 5 #VeloRefined.


VeloRefined - Rule 5 Amigos

The VeloRefined - Rule 5 Team is supported by Rule 5 Solutions and FT Investors. A special acknowledgement goes to the various photographers that frequently take pictures of the the TT events and have captured many great photos of the team's members, some of which are included in the gallery on this page and on our FaceBook page. If you want us to a link to your site let us know by contacting us here.

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