This page provides some examples of the work successfully undertaken by Rule 5 Solutions. It is intended to supplement the services page by giving some recent examples of projects and activities delivered to date, which may have similar aspects to an area of need your organisation may have. Get in touch for more information and references.

Apprenticeship RoATP Support - May 2019 - June 2019

  • Providing high level and detailed action plans to deliver project objectives in association with Plus Pursuits..

  • Undertaking updated Apprenticeship readiness review and evaluation.

  • Advising on RoATP re-application readiness and requirements.

  • Working with senior managers to enhance draft policies, Apprenticeship QA/QI and procedure documents.

  • Supporting the College's work with its provider subsidiary company to consolidate its linked Apprenticeships offer.

Apprenticeship RoATP & RoAAO Support - May 2019 - Current

  • Supporting the University's development of its Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeship Offer.

  • Providing high level and detailed action plans to deliver objectives as a project with Plus Pursuits..

  • Undertaking Apprenticeship readiness review and policy evaluation.

  • Advising on RoATP and RoAAO readiness and requirements.

  • Working with senior managers to produce draft policies and procedure documents for Apprenticeship prep and delivery.

Supporting Management System Project - Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

  • Working directly with the Group Principal to operate a pilot task management system to support operational functions and services across the EKCG Group.

  • Liaising with key Group Service managers to ensure management system operation is informed and timely.

  • Reviewing the management system and providing recommendations as appropriate for future options.

Design and Creation of the FEDEC Partnership Website - Oct 2018- Current

  • Designing and developing the partnership's website

  • Providing related Google SEO work and site analytics.

  • Writing content for site pages and advising partnership of website function and utilisation.

FEDEC Essex EPA Hub Development Project with ESS Ltd and City &Guilds - Feb 2017-Sept 2018

  • Providing a full project management service to ESS and the FEDEC colleges partnership for an new EPA Hub Service.

  • Production and delivery of detailed project plans.

  • Creation and implementation of a full Hub Risk Management Strategy & operational Risk Register.

  • Development of Hub systems and operational planning.

  • Supporting FEDEC Hub partners to establish Hub capacity and readiness.

  • Scoping EPA volumes, assessor and venue capacity for the Hub.

  • Devising management systems for Hub implementation.

  • Working with City &Guilds to develop and ensure integrated procedures compliant with EPA anti-collusion and conflict of interest rules.

  • Producing guidance pack materials for Hub partners and for future operation of the Hub.

  • Supporting staffing identification, JD and person spec development.

Comprehensive Support Service for KFE Kent Further Education - Oct 2017- Current

  • Providing a support service to the Kent FE colleges' partnership.​

  • Co-ordinating and supporting KFE Principals' Group and thematic Network Group meetings.

  • Development of group strategies and positioning.

  • Working with multi-organisational external partners in support of KFE's objectives.

  • Increasing KFE and the further education sector profile through advocacy and effective collaboration,PR and media strategies.

  • Designing and developing the partnership's website and social media streams.

  • Establishing new networking groups for Finance and Strategic Safeguarding.

  • Undertaking organisation and project management of the KFE Skills Competition and Teaching & Learning Conference.

RoATP Application & Business Commercial Provider Development - Sept 2017-Aug 2018

  • Working with Plus Associates to support a national sector recruitment business with transition to becoming an apprenticeships provider.​

  • Advising on and assisting completion of the ESFA RoATP application process​.

  • Providing research and information on all aspects of effective apprenticeship operation

  • Advising on staffing model requirements, management / operational processes and systems.

  • Advising on approaches to end point assessment (EPA).

  • Production of internal and external information in condensed presentation formats.

  • Keeping the client up to date on national policy developments, changes and requirements.

Canterbury College & East Kent College Merger Transition Support - June 2017-Jan 2018

  • Co-ordinating the colleges' merger work stream management group.

  • Producing a detailed merger transition plan and functional planner including gantt.

  • Confirming additional area budget requirements to support merger needs.

  • Production of a contracts audit and value for money review schedule to support due diligence and transition to post merger efficiency.

  • Providing progress updates and reports for the Executive Team and governing bodies as required.

  • Enabling a flexible approach which ensures successful and timely merger in a considered way.

  • Supporting merger related information sources.

ETF & AELP Supported Apprenticeship Readiness Reviews - June-Aug 2017


  • Working via Plus Associates to undertake detailed future apprenticeships reviews of colleges in London and Essex.

  • Production of reports identifying RAG readiness to deliver apprenticeships in line with the ETF Future Apprenticeships toolkit work stream models.

  • Supporting production of market analysis exercises.

  • Devising structured action plans for each college to address any challenges and to support rapid transition and positioning to maximise new opportunities in the context of the Levy and new non-Levy funding streams.

  • Providing active support to college staff and teams as required to support change implementation.

Risk Management & Business Plan Production for Digi-tech company - May-Nov 2017

  • Working with a London based entrepreneur to support a tech based recruitment service.​

  • Analysing company data and creating a market information suite and resource pack.

  • Identifying commercial and operational risks to create functional risk strategy and risk register.

  • Creating business planning template and developing strategic and 3 year plans.

  • Developing strategic propositions and campaigns for millennial engagement.

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